Saturday, July 21, 2012

Subtle Saturdays!

Today is the last day of July's beauty week for my blog. I hope you've enjoyed the week and the topics I covered. If you have any questions and/or comments on any of the topics ask away. If you have any suggestions for specific topics for one or more of the days for August's beauty week, let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Comment or find me on Facebook.

Anyway, today is Saturday, which is SUBTLE SATURDAYS! This is a pretty broad day and will cover anything from relaxation, to soft and natural makeup looks, to tattoo coverage products. Basically, just taking the day to rejuvenate!

Subtle Saturdays (#1 July, 21, 2012)

Whether you're recovering from a night out last night or preparing for a night out tonight (or both if you're that lucky!), Saturday is a good time to relax. It's your first real day off after a week's worth of school, work, or both! AND, you don't have to go back tomorrow. (I know some people work different schedules, so take your "Saturday" where you can!)

Today's will be about general recovery, from the inside out. Whether you spent the night dancing, drinking, or whatever else out late, it was most likely coming off a long week of some sorts. So take today and just relax.

1. Drink LOTS of water. Water flushes out toxins and re-hydrates the body (including hair and skin!). Drinking water when you first get out of bed (a full 8 oz glass) before eating or drinking anything else releases toxins and kick starts your metabolism to give you a healthy start to the day.

2. I hope I don't need to say this and it's already done, but if not: WASH THAT MAKEUP OFF! Sleeping in makeup is a no, no! Sure, we've all done it, but it's not good. Your skin goes through natural cycles during your sleep cycles. That's why they make face creams and treatments specifically for nighttime so they can be absorbed correctly. If you still have makeup on, then that's what your pores are drinking in! Besides, do you really want last night's glittery, black shadow and fake lashes all over your nice pillows?

3. Do something for you. Whether you have the money or want to stay home, give yourself a mani/pedi! Recreate it at home or search your local nail salons online and find coupons. Look into local cosmetology schools that offer discounted services and see if they have Saturday hours or make an appointment for your lunch hour one day this week.

4. Try a natural look. Apply a tinted moisturizer and mascara for a soft, subtle day look. Or apply your full face, with a soft, subtle eye. like a neutral, smokey daytime eye. Then, you can easily add more shadow and intensify the look of the smokey eye, add a darker shadow in your outer corner, or add/thicken your liner for a more dramatic look. Apply more coats of mascara or add fake lashes.

5. Take some free time to read a book, catch up on some TV shows, or just take a nap. Take some "you" time and enjoy your day!

I hope you all enjoyed this week and look forward to next month's beauty week! Thank you for reading my posts, staying involved in the little tidbits of my life (like Zoe and cosmetology school). Lots of love!

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