Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teaching Thursdays!

Hello, gorgeous! Today is TEACHING THURSDAY! This day will be teaching a general topic and/or technique in beauty! Product usage, contouring, and specific eye and lip looks are all topics I've received questions about. One Thursday out of the month, during beauty week, I'll cover a topic like that. If there is anything you're specifically interested in, comment or Facebook me any questions and I'd be happy to help!

TEACHING THURSDAYS! (#1 July 19, 2012)

On the first Teaching Thursday, I'm going to cover some specific contouring which can be used daily or for special events. It can certainly be used year round, but as it is summertime, now is a great time to use it. From bathing suits to sun dresses, and anywhere in between and beyond, this tip can be helpful so here it is: collarbone contouring!

Some of us have more pronounced collarbones that may not need assistance and some of us have a normal collarbone. Some people's aren't very noticeable so whether you need a little help or a lot to make yours stand out and look sexy, read on!

To make your collarbone stand out and look sexy and irresistible ...

1. First of all stand in front of the mirror without a shirt on (or wear a strapless shirt and/or bra) while you do this so you don't get any makeup on your clothes or sexy lingerie.

2. Next, and before you begin, basically shrug your shoulders. Lift them up and forward, while bringing your chin in, and leave them there for a minute. You'll see when you do this the actual collarbone stands out and the grooves dip in, making your collarbone look more pronounced. These are the lines you'll want to follow.

3. For this to be effective, you'll need a bronzer (not too deeply colored so it looks fake, just darker than your natural skin tone). You'll also need a highlighter with shimmer (not glitter or sparkle unless you want to look like you're going clubbing).

4. Take a bronzer brush (or a powder brush will work) and shrug those shoulders back up. Get a good amount of bronzer on the brush and apply in a circular motion to the dips in your collarbone area. There will be a dip on either side of your neck and in the dead center under your chin basically. This will give the appearance of these dips sinking in constantly, not just when you're shrugging. Release your shoulders and see what you think; you can always add more once you apply the highlighter if you think they need to be more pronounced.

5. Re-shrug gorgeous! Now on your actual collarbone, the bones that raise out when you shrug your shoulders while lifting them up and forward and bringing your chin in (like you're trying to make a double chin almost), you're going to apply highlighter. Use a smaller powder brush or even a blush brush to make sure you just bring out the bone and nothing else. Run the highlighter along your collarbone (the actual bone only) on both sides of your neck. 

6. Bring your shoulders back down and take a look. If you want them to stand out more, simply add more dark color to the dips and light, shimmery color to the bones. If you want a really dramatic look, you can try using a slightly darker colored bronzer and a slightly lighter colored highlighter, but you don't want it to be too drastic or the actual makeup will stand out and look fake.

And there you have it: a sexy collarbone making every summer outfit look even better on!

And just because I love you, and to complete the look, contour your chest!!!

Get the bra you're going to wear on. That way your chest will be how it's going to be once you're dressed.

1. Take the bronzer and run it in your cleavage. Begin from the bottom of your breast, work the bronzer around your breast, and around the top of it. This creates the shape and definition of your breast. Now do this to either side of your chest.

2. Now take the highlighter and apply it to your actual breast. Only apply it to what is out of your bra already and don't go into the bronzed portions.

*As with collarbone defining, you can always add more bronzer and more highlighter for a more defined look!*

So there you have it, whether a low cut tank top, dress, or bathing suit, your neck to your chest, will be sexy and irresistible! Enjoy it, loves!

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