Friday, July 27, 2012

Eyebrow Pencil

So eyebrow pencils are a difficult thing. Getting the right color to match, show up pigmented, not being too waxy or too runny that it just sweats right off are just a few issues that come along with trying to find the right one. Not to mention some are expensive, don't last long, or are hard to find. I've found ones that I love the color and intensity of, but they don't last. I've found ones that do all that and last, but are anywhere from $3.99 to $10.00 for a MAYBE 6 inch pencil that is gone in a blink, especially if used daily. I finally gave one a try I found at Walmart the other day and fell in love! It has the same matchablitiy (made up word, I know!) as my old fave pencil. I prefer to use "Taupe" colored eyebrow pencils unless someone has really dark or really light hair because it just matches everything. It the perfect "Taupe", has enough wax to it to keep the hairs in place, doesn't fade or sweat off, and best of all ... it's like a foot long eyebrow pencil! 
OH .. and did I mention it was $.99! Yes, 99 CENTS!

And it's from NYC cosmetics so it's sold just about everywhere! Walmart, Target, drug stores ... pretty much anywhere that drug store cosmetics are sold! And since it's anywhere from 1/3 to 1/10 of the price of some other drug store brand eyebrow pencils ... and you get about double the amount .. it's an unbeatable deal!

It's the NYC Cosmetics (New York Color) Classic Brow/Liner Pencil. I use "Taupe" as I mentioned, but it comes in a variety of colors: Jet Black, Dark Brown, Charcoal, In The Navy, Sable, White, and of course Taupe. If you visit the link above, it will take you to NYC's website for the pencil and you can click the link under the price that says "Where to Buy" and type in your zip and find local stores that carry it too!

So even if you have a product you love, give it a try! It's $.99 so it's not a big investment and who knows, you might just like it better!

Let me know what you think if you give it a try, have used it, or already love it like me!

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